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Online Exercises

NOTE: Many of these Swahili exercises require the Flash plug-in.

Vocabulary with Audio | Swahili Songs | Vocabulary Matching Exercises
| Webquests | Quia Quizzes | Miscellaneous Exercies


Vocabulary with Audio

Instructions: Click on the word to hear it pronounced. Flash required for some modules.

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Swahili Songs

Online recordings of Swahili songs

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Vocabulary Matching Exercises

Instructions: In this "Concentration" like game, you have a certain number of attempts to match the English and Swahili pairs together. Eash miss causes you to lose a point. The higher the score, the better your Swahili. The Flash plug-in is required.

  1. Adjectives (matching)
  2. Parts of the Body (b) (matching)
  3. Colors (matching)
  4. Colors with Nouns (matching)
  5. Days of the Week (a) (matching)
  6. Days of the Week (b) (matching)
  7. Family (matching)
  8. Nouns (singular and plural - a)(matching)
  9. Nouns (singular and plural - b)(matching)
  10. Nouns (singular and plural - c)(matching)
  11. Nouns (singular and plural - d)(matching)
  12. Numbers 1 to 10 (matching)
  13. Numbers Misc. (matching)
  14. Adjectives with Nouns (matching)
  15. Parts of the Body (a) (matching)
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Quia Quizzes

Follow the instructions for each quiz. Links are outside of Penn State and may not function as expected.

Quia (4 types - time)

Quia (hangman - colors)

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Miscellaneous Exercises

Image Description Writing Exercise - Describe an image selected by your instructor using Swahili.

Introductions Audio Exercise - Listen to the passage and fill in the missing words in the form.

River Scene - Roll over different parts of the image to see the Swahili words.

Time - A time-telling Flash exercise. Follow the instructions given in the module.

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