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Swahili Language Learning

General Language

Yale Kamusi Project (

Moja Swahili Links (

Useful Swahili Words (


University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania Kiswahili Web Pages (

Mazoezi (

Tusome Kiswahili (

Tuzungumze Kiswahili (


Swahili Poetry and Literature

Yale Swahili Song Lyrics Links (

UCLA Swahili Poetry Project (

PBS Swahili Coast Swahili Poetry (

Kanga Writings (

Swahili Proverbs (

John Mugane's Web Page (

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Swahili Audio News


Voice of America (

Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany)

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Taifa-Kenya/KBC Online (

GADOnet Cartoons (

What's On Magazine (
Travel information, Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania

Kenya Community Abroad (

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Kenya History and People

Geographia, Kenya
Mirror Site -

Africa Expressive Cultures (

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These pages contain photos of Nairobi, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. You can provide links to students for different exercises.

Africa Guide Photos (
Africa including Kenya, Uganda, Tazania. They appear willing to give permission to use depending on what you request

Monroe's Talkabout: Kenya & Uganda (Kenya) (Nairobi) (Uganda)

Travel notes with interesting photos. You can click on image to see a larger version.


Other Travel Photos

Travel notes and photos from various individuals who have visited Africa.

Kijabe (
This person lived in Kenya for many years. Nairobi (

Globetrotter (

Prof. Hirumi, University of Houston (

Other Swahili Resource Pages

Penn State Center for Language Acquisition Swahili Resources

Yale Swahili Language Resources - See menu on left for different categories

Southwest Missouri State University Libraries

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